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How to use a Light Pad


We've discussed in our previous newsletters the importance of working in a well lit room. If you've been working on a diamond painting canvas for a while now, I'm sure you know how important it is to see your symbols clearly. We've read and seen examples of where customers have accidentally interchanged symbols, confusing them with another. Also, there are some customers who are having issues in seeing the symbols as they're too small for their personal eyesight to see easily.

What if you're already working in a well lit area and your working table is already bright, yet you're still having problems seeing your symbols easily? And also, what if you enjoy working on your diamond painting at night or where natural light is minimal? No need to worry as there's a tool that's designed especially for this and perfect from day to night... I want to introduce to you the magic of a light pad!

What is a light pad? This is a thin and lightweight device that emits light from the flat surface. The purpose of a light pad is to help illuminate any object that's placed on top of it like paper or pattern. This tool is perfect for diamond painting as it helps to brighten up your canvas and see the grid lines and symbols easily.

Our Home Craftology light pads come in 3 different sizes depending on your needs. Here's a detailed guide on the sizes and their measurements. For beginners or customers who like to work on small canvases, I would suggest to get the A4 size. This is the smallest light pad but I assure you it'll still do the trick! 

Home Craftology's light pad also comes with a 2m white power cable and has 3 brightness levels. Level 1 will emit a low light, level 2 is intermediate, and level 3 is the brightest level.

Simply connect the USB cable to any adapter and plug it in. Once you've plug the cable into your light pad, it should have a blue light near the power button. Just click the power button on the upper left portion of your light pad and it will light up. Continue clicking the power button to shift to different light levels. The first is level 1, then level 2, last is level 3. If you click the power button again, it'll then turn off.

Here's a sample photo to show you the different brightness levels. This is a 30x30cm canvas in an A4 light pad. 😊

Here's another sample photo of Paula's workstation. She's using an A4 light pad for this large (100x100cm) customized diamond painting. Aside from the light pad, she's also using a tabletop lamp and a magnifying glass while working on her canvas. These are some extra tools you can add to your workstation if you feel like you need more.

I honestly don't use anything else aside form my light pad but I'm sure this tabletop lamp and magnifying glass can also be as helpful! 😉

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