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Diamond Painting Giveaway

Mel and Chris from Home Craftology love to give back.... so will be giving away one free diamond painting every single week!


How do I enter?

Our staff will select one random customer from anywhere in the world, every week to win one free Diamond Painting Kit of their choice.

All you have to do to enter to have purchased at least one Diamond Painting from us.

All new customers will also be eligible to enter for free as part of your purchase.


Didn't win today? 

If your name is not the winner below, you don't have to walk away empty handed!

Get 15% off your order by using the secret code (valid today):


Scroll down to see the winner for this week!


Winner for 3rd-Apr-2019

Rosemary Mason

Egham, GB


Winner for 27th-Mar-2019

Katherine Black

Missouri, USA


Winner for 20th-Mar-2019

Dawn Saulnier

Nova Scotia, CA


Winner for 13th-Mar-2019

Colleen Dorsman

Victoria, Australia


Winner for 6th-Mar-2019

Lesley Calder

Nottingham, GB


Winner for 27th-Feb-2019

Leona J Boyd-Hobson

New Jersey, USA


Winner for 20th-Feb-2019

Mary Bisson

Ontario, Canada


Winner for 13th-Feb-2019

Michelle Young

Bairnsdale, Australia


Winner for 6th-Feb-2019

Sian Petts

Morley, UK


Winner for 30th-Jan-2019

Cassidy Whittaker

Arkansas, USA


Winner for 16th-Jan-2019

Cassie Bedford

Colorado, USA


Winner for 9th-Jan-2019

Wendy Sanders

Wisconsin, USA


Winner for 2nd-Jan-2019

Angela Leaman

Fredericton NB Canada

Winner for 19th-Dec-2018

Florence Blair

BC Canada


Winner for 5th-Dec-2018

Michael Coletti


Winner for 28st-Nov-2018

Phyllis Everly



Winner for 21st-Nov-2018

Amy Irons

New Jersey


Winner for 14th-Nov-2018

Martha French

New York 

Winner for 7-Nov-2018

Bridget Castle



If you didn't win today

We draw every Wednesday... so you might get lucky next week!

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