Ghost Gemstone - Premium 5D Poured Glue Diamond Painting Kit
Ghost Gemstone - Premium 5D Poured Glue Diamond Painting Kit
Ghost Gemstone - Premium 5D Poured Glue Diamond Painting Kit
Ghost Gemstone - Premium 5D Poured Glue Diamond Painting Kit
Ghost Gemstone - Premium 5D Poured Glue Diamond Painting Kit

Ghost Gemstone - Premium 5D Poured Glue Diamond Painting Kit

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Glue is the most important part of your diamond painting kit.

In order to make sure you get the stickiest glue possible we only use poured glue on all of our kits.

Also, we make our diamond painting kits only after you order them. This means our kits are not sitting on a shelf, but instead come to you made fresh every time!

Made To Order
Our kits are printed and glued when you order them to keep your glue as fresh as possible.

Premium grade canvases
guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Super High-quality diamonds, hand selected for uniform size and fit.

High fidelity detailed print so that you can see your canvas details easier.

Vibrant colors perfectly matched by our team for our gorgeous designs

Each kit comes with

All diamonds needed
Canvas x 1
Diamond Sorting Tray x1
Premium Tweezers x1
Premium applicator tool x1
Premium wax pot x1
Protective covering x1
Stack of butter paper x1

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Diamond Painting (sometimes called Diamond Dots) is a satisfying and relaxing hobby for anyone of any age... even if you are not a "crafty person".

Home Craftology™ is famous for having perfected the art of creating both beautiful and premium quality diamond painting kits. These are not like cheap kits competitors sell.

Our kits are the brightest, clearest and most breathtaking 5D Diamond Painting kits available today.

Our diamond painting kits are made using ultra premium poured glue. This makes our glue is super sticky (it's guaranteed to never lose it's stickiness!)

Our kits are 100% guaranteed to be free from rivers, creases, and defects (unlike other kits from competitors).

Life time product guarantee, no hassle 60 day returns 24/7 customer support.

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Everything you need is included in each kit:

- Full drill (diamonds cover the entire design)

- Finest fiber canvas with elegant double weave texture

- Super detailed printed design

- Color-coded rhinestones sorted into bags

- Tool kit including tweezers and pen tool

- Wax strip

- Premium diamond sorting tray

What is Diamond Painting?


Round diamonds are recommended for those who prefer a slightly easier experience, however there will be small gaps between each diamond.

Square diamonds show more detail with full coverage and are preferred by those looking for a challenge.

When it comes to Diamond Painting, bigger is always better!

The bigger size you choose, the more detail your finished diamond painting will show.

We recommend at least a 40x50cm, however if you are a beginner smaller sizes will be a good way to get started

If you are not sure, always buy the "recommended" size because it is always the smallest size for the best clear image.

You can contact our LEGENDARY customer support team any time, day or night by clicking the blue chat button on the bottom right of your screen. If you prefer email you can email us whenever you need any assistance at

The shipping costs depend on the total weight of the package, the country of shipment and fuel fee. In order to check precise shipping costs, the chosen product must be added to the cart.

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Expected delivery time for orders shipped out by express post are around 7 -10 business days with a 1 -3 day processing time to get your order ready.

Orders shipped via premium world wide shipping are expected to take 10 - 20 business days for most countries.

You may return a kit within 100 calendar days of delivery and you can choose to receive 100% refund or a replacement.

The product is eligible for return if it is in the original state, the diamond packages are unopened and the canvas plastic cover has not been removed.

After we have received the package, the amount will be refunded to your account within 14 days.

Shipping fees are non refundable.

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